Welcome to Retail Support

At Retail Support, we are specialized in DIY and nonfood services, within the following categories:

  • Merchandising
  • Shop rebuildings
  • Sales support
  • Promotions

Services can be used seperately or combined as a full-service solution.

We are covering all of Denmark with a fixed workforce of full-time employees, part timers and freelancers, giving our clients the required flexibility. Our colleagues in Sweden and Norway are at home in their countries with local employees.

Working with Retail Support, suppliers gain access to high quality services, and very cost-effective solutions. Since we are working with multiple suppliers, we are able to save time on transport, and create a high level of efficience.

Our customer list include well-known brands such as Bosch, Henkel, Philips and Tesa.

Located just west of Aarhus, we are very near to several of the Danish DIY chains headquarters.

Please contact us for further information. Give us a call at +45 71 21 00 21 or send an E-mail to info@retailsupport.dk. For further contact informations please see buttom of page.

Welcome to Retail Support!

Best regards
Søren Rohde
Managing Director